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Creating Childhood Victories


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Where music, writing, and art come together to support your goals for students social-emotional health and learning.

“Your VOICE has power…Use it for Greatness!”  ~Victor


Step 1. INSPIRE & CONNECT – The students take an active role as they are inspired with a high energy musical program that begins this unique process. (45 minute presentation)

Step 2. VISION & CREATE  – Students go through a process that allows them to create their dream/goal through a writing/art component.

Step 3.  CONFIDENCE & OPPORTUNITY – Their VOICE is Heard – The students proudly share their dream/goal with family and friends. Their artwork is projected on a screen behind them.

 “Victor’s workshop was truly amazing! During the two days Victor spent at our school, the excitement was apparent. The children, teachers, and staff will never forget experiencing Victor’s powerful message to believe in yourself and that there’s nothing you can’t do.The entire school was touched by this. At the family night, the culmination of the two-day program, the parents participated in the amazing experience as the children stood in front of a jam-packed gymnasium, sharing their dream while their drawing was projected behind them. Even the shyest of children stood proud without fear. Victor’s exuberant personality is contagious and makes learning how to build confidence fun. His belief in all of us, and his desire to help all children reach their potential is inspirational. We look forward to having Victor back soon!”  Nicole Carson, PTA, Aspen Elementary

Benefits of the workshop

For Students

Learn to be more respectful
Increase self-esteem by setting and achieving goals
Improve self-motivation
Enhance social-emotional skills
Gain confidence to attempt new activities, i.e., instruments, sports, dance, etc.
Improved social emotional skills
Obtain an introduction to public speaking

For Your School

Increase community at school
less negative behavior
Less bullying behaviors – More positive reinforcement among peers – Deeper respect for each other‘s opinions and ideas

For Your Relationships

Enhance connections at home results in better learning at school
Creates deeper relationship between student and his/her parents

Victor’s Journal is a perfect supplement to reinforce the key lessons of
 the Creating Confident Children Workshop.
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The lessons that Victor has on how to improve self-confidence are entertaining, engaging, and informative. Those that have the privilege of listening to his confidence building lessons will benefit heavily in their own self-esteem, as well as their goal setting. If you’re interested in booking Victor Pacini.

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Get Victor's e-book and learn how to appropriately and effectively implement "Erin's Law" for your students and staff!

Get Victor's e-book and learn how to appropriately and effectively implement "Erin's Law" for your students and staff!