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100 Things To Do During Lockdown



100 Things To Do During Lockdown

Are you feeling a little stir-crazy? Are you running out of ideas to keep you and the small army you created (kids, pets, plants, etc.) busy? Or do you just need some fresh activities? Well, look no further! Here are 100 things to do during lockdown:

  1. First of all, read. Whether to yourself or an audience, it’s calming!
  2. Write a poem.
  3. Next, pull out those old puzzles.
  4. Build a fort that covers the whole room.
  5. Organize your linen closet, basement, or that messy cabinet with the Tupperware. 
  6. Do some leaf-rubbing! No, it’s not as weird as it sounds.
  7. Scrub your baseboards. If you have the energy, paint them too!
  8. Next, rearrange the furniture. I did this about once a month, even before the lockdown. 
  9. Wipe the top, underneath, and behind your fridge because it has been forever. Don’t get too grossed out.
  10. Make Thanksgiving dinner. Or Christmas dinner. At the same time, use your china! 
  11. Walk, run, or skip around the block. 
  12. Paint your front window with tempera paint because your creativity will bring joy to others.
  13. Play old school hopscotch. Likewise, play four square. 
  14. Learn that new make-up skill. 
  15. Take pictures of the sunset or sunrise.

  16. Stretch, every morning. Trust me. Above all, start slow!
  17. Do a mad minute! At the same time, cry because math has changed A LOT. 
  18. Paint your shed. Because it’s like the yard version of a face-lift.
  19. In the evening, journal your favorite moment of the day. 
  20. Clean and maybe paint your nails, if you’re into that.
  21. Create videos to inspire others!
  22. Finish your deck project that has lasted two years, while getting fresh air.
  23. Make Play-Doh noodles and convince your toddler NOT to eat them. Consequently, you’ll fail. 
  24. Cook a new recipe. For instance, make a bread starter!
  25. After devouring said recipe, take a nap.
  26. Learn a body weight exercise. For example, side lunges. Also, you will be sore. 
  27. A friendly game of Monopoly that is less friendly when people start purchasing hotels.
  28. Play Uno. Similarly to Monopoly, Uno is less friendly after a +4. 
  29. Begin a Disney marathon. As a result, everyone sings and grown-ups cry. 
  30. Pick 5 friends and write them a letter because who doesn’t like letters?

  31. FaceTime someone you miss. Put another way, don’t isolate. 
  32. Sew a face mask because they are all the rage right now.
  33. Teach your old dog some new tricks. 
  34. If your kid has shown the signs, start potty training. 
  35. (Virtually) tour Rome. Afterwards, tour some museums
  36. Create with Bob Ross. Paint those happy trees!
  37. Rewrite the lyrics of popular songs.
  38. Afterwards, karaoke.
  39. When was the last time you tried to make an origami Crane
  40. Download Duolingo and either learn a new language or avoid the push notifications.
  41. Start a blog.
  42. Go through your old clothes. Due to the virus, some donation centers may not accept items right now. So you’ll be ready when they do!
  43. Make a bucket list.
  44. Write a novel. 
  45. Garden and pull weeds.

  46. Order mulch and play King of the Hill before you move it around your yard.
  47. Upcycle your furniture.
  48. Wash your make-up brushes. Specifically, I am talking to myself here.
  49. Mount your TV. Then binge. 
  50. Buy lunch for your local heroes, specifically nurses, doctors, and other essential workers.
  51. Draw with sidewalk chalk.
  52. Now that it’s getting warmer, lay in the grass and watch the clouds.
  53. Sit by a lake or river and just breathe.
  54. Make paper airplanes and have a contest! 
  55. Paint rocks and place them around your yard.
  56. Dance.
  57. Take an online course.
  58. Run a virtual race as opposed to a live race…they’re all cancelled! 
  59. Volunteer at a local food pantry.
  60. Your 2020 planner seemed like a waste, right? WRONG. Write down your home schedule, even if you don’t leave the house.

  61. Listen to some podcasts.
  62. Don’t have the time to sit down and read? Download an audiobook because Harry Potter read by Jim Dale is out of this world.
  63. Scrapbook and finally organize your pictures.
  64. Order actual printed pictures and hang them up.
  65. Crosswords, Sudokus, and word searches are calling your name.
  66. Try a new version of your favorite coffee or tea.
  67. Look through old photo albums.
  68. Learn calligraphy.
  69. Watch a movie or T.V. show on mute and create your own lines.
  70. Are you a school administrator? Take a free test drive of our program. 
  71. If you are able, support local businesses.
  72. Keep a close eye on that amazon shopping. It adds up quick! 
  73. Learn that new dance move all the kids on Tiktok are doing.
  74. As a result, ice whatever you hurt after the dance move.
  75. Use a fan and become Darth Vadar. 

  76. Out of the house and on the highway? Pump your arm and get truckers to beep their horn! 
  77. Go through your spice rack or cabinet. Similarly, check the canned and boxed goods for expiration dates. 
  78. Learn to juggle.
  79. If you like tattoos, plan your next one. 
  80. Are real tattoos not your thing? Order temporary tattoos and create a sleeve.
  81. Cuddle your pets. 
  82. Create a website.
  83. Stage a photoshoot. You don’t need a Nikon, a phone work just fine.
  84. Update that resume. Similarly, update your LinkedIn. 
  85. Unsubscribe to all those emails.
  86. Laundry never ends so maybe run a few loads.
  87. Write love notes to your significant other. Or prank them.
  88. Sanitize your bathroom. And doorknobs. And phone.
  89. Make breakfast for dinner, certain to be a favorite in the household. 
  90. Like structured creativity? Do a paint by number.

  91. Take a bike ride.
  92. Go for a drive with the windows down.
  93. Go fly a kite. No, really!
  94. Next, run through a sprinkler.
  95. At the same time, listen to music and stargaze.
  96. Learn to crochet.
  97. Have a backyard picnic because outdoor eating is fun.
  98. Google your name. Also, google earth your house. 
  99. Write down what your goals are, as opposed to keeping them inside your head.
  100. Finally, remind yourself that this lockdown is temporary. This too shall pass. 

What else would you add to our list of,
“100 Things To Do During Lockdown”?

100 Things To Do During Lockdown

Deanna Hynes standing on a mulch pile with her son Harry.


FULL TRANSCRIPT (The following is the full transcript of this episode of The Be Seen and Heard Journey. Please note that this episode, like all BSH Journey episodes, features Victor speaking extemporaneously–he is unscripted and unedited.)

100 Thing To Do During Lockdown

Hey it’s Victor, welcome another be seen in her journey. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with me. You know we’ve been talking about a very difficult topic for many, many weeks on keeping kids safe from unsafe touch and it needs to continue to be talked about.

But we thought here at childhood victories when it be fun to kind of change it up a little bit and I know the topic is not fun.

We are living in a very strange and interesting time right now with this pandemic and we thought, “wow, why not come together and put a list of things that, suggestions if you will, that people can utilize during this difficult time.”

Now I know for me, I’m going to get personal right now I have three amazing kids. I love them with my whole heart. And there’s so much fun and I have to say this, I really believe that we’ve gotten closer because of this pandemic because, you know, I’m not, you know, I’m still working, but I’m taking time to be with my kids.And so we’ve done some fun things.

We created a fort.

It’s kind of a makeshift. It didn’t cover the whole room, but we kind of enclosed the room and we watched a really scary movie and we were all huddled together. That to me is what life is about. And through a difficult time like this, I focus on and it isn’t always easy, but I focus on being with my kids and loving them with my heart.

Right? Oh. And then my daughter one day said,

“Hey, Hey dad, let’s do masks.”

Like what kind of masks? And she said,

“Well, we’re going to, I got this from, uh, from the store and I want you to put it on.”

So we all did it. We all did these, like facial masks, whatever. And you can tell my skin is a little bit nicer anyway. It’s goofy, but it’s fun.

My presenter, Deanna Hynes, has been very creative in her backyard. She’s repainted her shed. She’s had her son help her, and that’s what is called bonding. Really it’s, a great way to come together because life isn’t always easy and sometimes we’re thrown curve balls and we’re not ready for them, but we have to get ready. We have to adjust and we have to create a new meaning out of anything that’s hurting us.

And so will life get easier and better. It always does, but we’ve got to keep moving forward and these are just some suggestions for you to have fun through a difficult time.

So with that being said, please share this video and let’s continue the message and remember: Everyone deserves to be seen and heard. Until next time, thanks for taking the journey with me. Bye.

100 Things To Do During Lockdown