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What To Do If A Child Discloses Abuse


Child abuse happens every day somewhere. It is often a family member or a known “friend” of the family that is the perpetrator. Children like all of us, need an outlet to let go of steam. Please try to be available to listen. They don’t always have that luxury at home.

If a child discloses abuse:

• Listen to the child
• Let them know they did the right thing by telling
• Tell them this is not their fault
• Say you believe them
• Let child know they are safe now and won’t be hurt again
• Report abuse immediately to police

The Be Seen and Heard© program has been developed to help children stay safe from unsafe touch. It also empowers children to speak up. The certified trained Be Seen and Heard© presenters will deliver this curriculum with integrity along with new and fresh perspectives unique to the presenters. We have added a new presenter to our team of certified speakers. We often were asked for a female perspective on our programming and we listened.

If you are interested in taking a FREE TEST DRIVE of the online programming see instructions below. We have Be Seen and Heard© for students grade kindergarten to 12th grade, Be Seen and Heard© for Special Needs students, Be Seen and Heard© Español for students kindergarten to 4th grade, and Be Seen and Heard© for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students.

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