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50 Date Ideas



50 Date Ideas

Whether you’re going on your first-ever date, a blind date, or a date with your significant other of the last few decades, you gotta keep it interesting! Even with social distancing it’s possible to have a good time and make some beautiful memories (or hilarious, if the date goes down in flames). Let’s take advantage of summer and try out a few of these 50 date ideas:

  1. Go for a hike to a waterfall.
  2. Eat at your favorite childhood restaurant.
  3. Even better, make your childhood comfort food together and share a memory attached to it.
  4. Binge-watch something you’ll both enjoy but make sure you’ve loaded up on snacks, drinks, blankets, and loooooooooove.
  5. Go apple picking.

  6. Recreate cute cocktails and play Clue. Don’t cheat.
  7. Go for a walk and bring a picnic.
  8. Take an exercise or cooking class.
  9. Volunteer at a local animal shelter and walk the dogs.
  10. Go to the drive-in…yes, they’re still around!
  11. Go to a local ice cream parlor.
  12. Watch the sunset or sunrise together. Take pictures.
  13. Camp in your backyard and cook over a fire.
  14. If you’re date happens to be your spouse, break out your wedding memorabilia and get ready to cry.
  15. Go to the river or lake and skip rocks and make a bet on who can skip the most.
  16. Hit some balls at the batting cages.
  17. Go skydiving! This is insane, I know. But if you’re both into adrenaline rushes and a good story, DO IT.
  18. Find a park and pick up litter. This doesn’t sound date-like, right? This is something I actually love doing by myself or with my son when we go on walks and runs together. There is a sense of peace that comes over you when you leave a place better than you found it.
  19. KARAOKE. Even if you can’t hold a note, sing your heart out. If your date is a little put-off, no worries. Be authentically YOU.
  20. Download an app that is interactive outside and go on a quest.
  21. Find a list of 100 questions and take turns answering. Before a Blackhawks game last year my husband and I did this while sitting down to dinner. I had no idea a bird pecked him in the head as a kid until I asked, “Do you like birds?” It just shows you can never know every thing about a partner.

  22. Speaking of sports, attend some events! Well, once there are events again.
  23. Make slow motion videos of each other trying to silly things.
  24. Go to a plant nursery and pick out plants. Name them. My husband and I have quite a few plants on our deck. Every day we talk about their growth using their names. “Dude did you see that Cassandra grew like an inch yesterday! AND THE BEETLES GOT TWO OF THE LEAVES.” By the way, I did NOT name that one plant Cassandra. He did.
  25. Hit golfballs at a driving range.
  26. Have a water balloon fight, but make sure you pick up the garbage.
  27. Binge on Taco Bell and Parks and Rec behind the closed movie theatre. We really did this and it was amazing.
  28. Run or walk a virtual race.
  29. Have a movie night but ONLY nostalgic movies from your childhoods.

  30. Build a fort. Extra points if the TV is in there.
  31. Go for a long drive at dusk.
  32. Get far enough away from the light pollution and stargaze.
  33. Go canoeing. If your town has a public beach they often have paddle boats and canoes to rent.
  34. Donate blood together. I know, sounds HORRIBLE. But I have a family member who goes often and so does her husband. I don’t know if they consider it a date but whenever she posts it to encourage others to do the same, I get a warm fuzzy feeling.
  35. Search for fossils.
  36. Go for a walk around your neighborhood and bring chalk. Write silly jokes, positive affirmations, and your initials in a heart. Don’t forget to instagram it.
  37. Find haunted places in your area and visit them. At night. Let me know how this goes because I can’t get my husband to watch horror movies let alone stare into a dark house or cemetery without him losing his mind.
  38. Mini-golf!
  39. Create your own wine tasting.

  40. Go for a bike ride.
  41. Ax throwing sounds pretty cool.
  42. Each of you make a bucket list and then compare. If there is any cross-over, do them together. If there isn’t any crossover, do one from each of your lists together.
  43. I’d say get tattoos together but maybe wait on that. Instead, get a bunch of temporary tattoos and give each other some cool sleeve work on your arms.
  44. Listen to an audiobook together.
  45. Instead of just cooking together, have a cooking competition.
  46. Dance like no one is watching. Except that your date WILL be watching. So maybe have a drink too and encourage them to dance, too.
  47. Go paint-balling. If you are competitive like me, try not to gloat/shout at your date you just shot.
  48. If you’ve been together for some time, recreate your first date.
  49. Get a Tarot reading done.
  50. Sit outside and read in the evening, while enjoying snacks and each others company.

The last one is my favorite. While it may not seem like a date-night when our kid is taste-testing our herb garden (and subsequently spitting it out), we’re together and we’re home. Whatever date you go on, whether that first date or the 1000th, go into it with an open mind and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

50 Date Ideas

Picture of a lantern with the quote "Maybe it won't work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the greatest adventure ever.

50 Date Ideas


FULL TRANSCRIPT.(The following is the full transcript of this episode of The Be Seen and Heard Journey. Please note that this episode, like all BSH Journey episodes, features Victor speaking extemporaneously–he is unscripted and unedited.)

50 Date Ideas

Hey, it’s Victor. Welcome to the Be Seen and Heard journey. Thank you so much for being with me today, whether you’re watching this video or reading the amazing blog by Deanna Hynes or listening to the podcast. I just want to say thank you. We want to say thank you. And we are grateful today’s topic here at childhood victories is a fun one: 50 date ideas.
Now this week, I’d like to put a little spin on it. See, we can talk about people dating for the first time. We can talk about people that have been married for 30 and 40 years that are still dating to keep their marriage exciting, which I think is so important and a key to a successful marriage.

But today I want to talk about something from this perspective.

In fact, I want to create this video, not for all the adults, but I want to create this video for my children. What are you talking about? Well, here’s the thing. I have three amazing kids under the age of 13, and guess what? They’re going to date someday. I would love for them to watch this video one day and to maybe be inspired and to learn something.
See, I think the number one characteristic of dating or of any relationship is truly respecting the other person. See, we hear many times about the negative characteristics of relationships. People being treated poorly and inappropriately. But I want to focus on respect.

I always go back to when my beautiful daughter Mimi Pacini was a little girl, and I took her to her first daddy daughter dance.

See, I didn’t know at the time, but that was teaching my daughter. This is the way you must be treated by another person, especially when you start dating someday. But I wasn’t thinking about it like that. I was thinking about, let’s go have some fun. And I know she was too. I would wear my suit. She would wear her dress and then we would go to the dance. And then I remember taking her out for dinner.

I was treating her with respect and I was treating her like the princess that she is.

So I really think that’s an important lesson. And the lesson is the day that she decides to start dating, which hopefully won’t be until she’s 25. She will have a relationship with somebody who’s going to treat her that way. And I’m very hopeful that she will know that if someone’s not treating her the way she deserves to be treated, she will notice, stop it right away and not get into something that will be maybe causing her pain someday.
As a father, I want my kids to grow up to not only treat people with respect, but to treat themselves with respect so that if they’re ever in a situation where they’re not feeling comfortable, they don’t have to stay in it. And I think that’s the lesson. So make sure you read the blog this week and please continue to share these messages. I want to say thank you so much for taking the time and always remember that everyone should be seen and heard and treated with respect. Have a great day. Bye by