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Welcome to Childhood Victories!

Here at Childhood Victories, we work to create a safe place for children to gain self-confidence so that they can be successful and functional adults, regardless of their circumstances. I, myself, experienced extremely hard times with my childhood when I was sexually abused as an eight-year-old. I kept this experience to myself and it tore me up inside for the next ten years thinking that it was necessary to protect the person that inflicted this pain on my life. It wasn’t until I was 19 years old that I opened up about the painful reality that was my life. It was this experience, among many others, that I learned to struggle, yet overcome in spite of the hurdles I had faced in my life. From there, I chose to create Childhood Victories to help those going through the same or similar things that I had experienced.

I am a personal empowerment speaker and have created the Be Seen and Heard© Program and others. I have also worked with others to raise money for women in need that have suffered from domestic violence.

When life only offers what seems like negative experiences, we have the option to look at these experiences as opportunities, to look adversity in the face, and fare triumphant in spite of the circumstances. The way I did this for myself was by taking my pain and turning it into something positive. I turned it into a means of helping others that experienced what I did. This is how Childhood Victories came to be what it is today.

What Self-Confidence Tips Can We Offer You?

I now offer multiple presentations and workshops to those that are in need of self-help. My workshops are focused on confidence building and overcoming adversity. By taking a negative situation and turning it into something positive, one can feel as though that they have not only overcome but that they have won. They beat both the odds and their personal struggle and came out a victor on the other side.

Learning how to build confidence is a work in progress, as it should be. Becoming self-aware and self-sufficient takes struggling, and learning how to overcome those struggles. If there is any piece of advice that I could offer to those that are fighting an internal battle, it’s to understand that this uphill battle will only make you stronger, and this hard time in your life is only temporary. Never cease to keep building yourself up and you will feel more satisfied with yourself and your life than you ever knew possible.

If you’re in need of self-confidence tips, motivation, and support, please don’t hesitate to check out our online programs for confidence building and so much more.

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