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Posts by Deanna Hynes

Erin’s Law During The Pandemic

    Erin’s Law During The Pandemic There is no denying that COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our daily lives. Between school, work, and our-day-today interactions have been turned upside-down. While there is no comparing traumas, today I’m taking the time to focus on one: Sexual abuse. As the school year begins, certain mandates…

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The Signs From People I Love

    The Signs From People I Love Everyone has their own views of what happens after people pass away. I’ll be honest, I have no concrete belief on where people end up…but I do believe I experience the signs from people I love. Some of them are super common. Like a cardinal or bright…

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Letting Go With Faith

    Letting Go With Faith A fair amount of my life has been spent attempting to maintain order. Coming from such an unpredictable upbringing, I guess that’s par for the course. I have struggled with last-minute changes, cancelled plans, and spontaneity. Instead of letting go with faith and trusting the process that is life,…

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How I Took Myself Out to Breakfast

    How I Took Myself Out to Breakfast Picture this: It’s 2003 and I’m standing in my 6th grade lunchroom. I’m holding my food and looking around at the tables quickly filling up. I had just spent a week fighting with and subsequently losing my group of friends. I had no table to sit…

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50 Date Ideas

    50 Date Ideas Whether you’re going on your first-ever date, a blind date, or a date with your significant other of the last few decades, you gotta keep it interesting! Even with social distancing it’s possible to have a good time and make some beautiful memories (or hilarious, if the date goes down…

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Be Unapologetically Yourself

    Be Unapologetically Yourself Sometimes it’s not exactly easy to be ourselves. We fear judgement. If we are authentically ourselves and people don’t like it, it can feel like we did something wrong. It never feels good to lose friends or family or a romantic interest. Being rejected is painful. So what to we…

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