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Talking About Sexual Abuse

I was featured in a blog called, Baby Sideburns ( Karen Alpert has a very unique way of writing. Thank you, Karen for this opportunity. A very serious post about something serious that you need to take seriously Holy crap. Wait, that’s not enough. HOLY. CRAP. For years we’ve been getting the same email home…

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Special Needs and Body Safety

  WHAT THE DATA SAYS: The vulnerability of children with special needs makes them the ideal predator target. They are perfect prey because they may not understand what is happening, know to speak up or have the communication skills to do so. Children with intellectual disability are also at risk of being sexually abused. A…

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More Courage

I have a degree in graphic design from Columbia College.  Over the years,  I have taken words and combined them with images to create inspirational messages.  Today, I want to talk about the word, courage.  I created an image titled, Courage is Never Giving Up On Yourself.   I was abused when I was eight years…

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