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Erin’s Law Explained


Child Abuse Awareness

After experiencing sexual abuse as a child and the death of my mother and sister I decided to create Childhood Victories, Inc. As I grew up I realized that this wasn’t just a problem that struck my life, it was a problem that plagued the nation. All too often, victims of sexual abuse are rendered silent. Whether it’s because their abuser has forced them to stay quiet, or it’s because of the shame a child often feels. Regardless of the reason, this is an issue that needs to come to an end. It is my passion for ending sexual abuse against children that led me to create my program, Be Seen and Heard©. With programs like mine and an effort to create child abuse laws, we can create advocacy for children everywhere. One child abuse prevention law that has been passed is Erin’s Law. To better get an idea of what Erin’s Law is, and how it helps protect children, here is a brief overview of what Erin’s Law is.

What Is Erin’s Law?

Erin’s Law requires that all public schools offer child abuse prevention education to help children gain the confidence to have a voice, and to speak up in cases of sexual abuse. These programs educate children to be able to recognize the signs of sexual abuse and teaches educators and other school officials to be able to recognize an abused child. Erin’s Law Programs also teach parents how to recognize the signs and provides resources for them to help sexually abused children in their family.

There are currently 35 states that have passed Erin’s Law into their state legislation and many more to come.

Together, we can improve the lives of many children by spreading child abuse awareness everywhere. Take a look at the child abuse prevention programs that I have created and work to have these laws passed in your state now.