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Creating Childhood Victories



Some of the goals of Victor’s programs include:
Increased awareness in body safety • Improve self-esteem • Confidence Building • Overcome adversity • Increase gratitude • Learn and appreciate the art of “kindness”

Delicately Raising Awareness About Sexual Abuse and Giving Children a Voice to Speak Up! (Erin’s Law Program for students, staff, and parents.) This program creates a safe and engaging environment where children will learn about the dangers of abuse and the difference between safe and unsafe touch. A personal story of a boy’s experience with abuse and how he kept it an unsafe secret. Click here or more info.

An online sexual abuse awareness, empowerment, and prevention program for students and staff. Use this program to fulfill your “Erin’s Law” requirement or supplement your already existing curriculum with a unique “Erin’s Law” educational experience! Click here for more info.

Where music, writing, and art come together to support your goals for students social-emotional health and learning. Your VOICE has power…Use it for Greatness! Click here for more info.

This program is dedicated to helping people understand the importance of following their dreams and never giving up despite the challenges they might face. Victor’s original song, My Dreams begins this journey. The songs lyrics are very powerful and available upon request. Victor interacts with audience members, asking them to share their dreams with the group. The idea of role models is emphasized during an exercise in which Victor stresses the importance of learning from personal acquaintances along with well known heroes. Victor sings an original song that focuses on three well-known individuals who inspired the world by living their dreams, and not giving up despite the obstacles they faced. The original song, Lucky Penny brings home the concept of never letting anyone tell you can’t do something because you are not good enough.
“Thank you for visiting schools and inspiring children to follow their dreams. We need more people like you to lift children up and encourage them.” Patti Payne, Teacher, Marriam, Kansas

enables people to create their unique creative plan to feel good about themselves and to treat others with kindness and respect. Victor stresses the importance of qualities such as kindness, respect, giving, and caring. He provides suggestions for incorporating them in daily life. Through song and interactive discussion, Victor illustrates the importance of identifying people in our lives that we can learn from. During the original song titled Lesson In Session, audience members act out a scenario that demonstrates the art of giving and kindness. The program concludes with “The Kindness Challenge”. This exercise notes the importance of commitment and challenges students to do a kind act for someone within one week. Teacher follow-up is highly recommended. (Fits Character Education and PBIS Guidelines.)
“What an exciting day for students and staff! Victor’s message was powerful. He provided an inspired message that dares all of us to value others, as well as ourselves and to honor our inner spirit. I would highly recommend him to speak to students and staff! Mary Trace, Teacher, Portage Schools

One Song is dedicated to conveying the message that we are one. Even though we look different, act different, we are connected. This program also deals with issues of bullying and pressures to fit into a group. Victor creates a role playing situation by bringing audience members up to form The One Song Band. During this fun interchange, he uses the analogy that even though we are like different instruments, when we play together, we play one song. That song being…humanity.

This program provides insightful suggestions that people can use as tools to help them realize that despite the difficulty of any obstacle, goals can be reached successfully. Victor lost his sister due to domestic violence. Instead of staying in a state of anger and sadness, he channeled his emotions and created a foundation for victims of domestic violence. Victor will demonstrate that through the power of choice, students can take responsibility and turn any adversity into a powerful lesson to move forward in life. Victor will drive home the truth that it is the responsibility of each individual to create the life they want.
“Victor hit a home run – message sent loud and clear! Use of music and student involvement was awesome! He was great to work with!” Jim Rodriguez, Activities Coordinator, Argo High School

“You were so inspiring! I wanted to get up and dance. This was an incredible assembly; it totally engaged every student and teacher. I didn’t want it to stop.” Marilyn Thompson, Maine South High School

Health Classes • School Assemblies • School Workshops • Snowflake • Leadership Retreats • Athletic Programs • Summer Programs • Career Programs • Award Banquets • Staff Keynotes
Regardless of how you want to engage with Victor Pacini, you and your students will benefit from all the knowledge he has for how to improve self-confidence. His program is engaging, as well as inspirational and you and your students will remember the experience for years to come.

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Get Victor's e-book and learn how to appropriately and effectively implement "Erin's Law" for your students and staff!

Get Victor's e-book and learn how to appropriately and effectively implement "Erin's Law" for your students and staff!