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Creating Childhood Victories


Meet Victor – 

Victor Pacini is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers on the topics of sexual abuse or Erin’s Law for children.

Victor Pacini understands the delicate nature of abuse. Not only is he a survivor of sexual abuse, but his sister was murdered in 2001 due to domestic violence. His dynamic Erin’s Law curriculum has been delivered to over 750,000 children and parents. He’s been referred by school administrators as, “The most unique and effective presenter of sexual assault awareness.”

He is the author of Winning Within, There’s Only One You, Be Seen and Heard (Erin’s Law Content), Your VOICE, My Dreams, and has recorded two music CD’s. His ultimate goal is to help children and parents increase their knowledge and awareness about the topic of sexual abuse and domestic violence. He does this by delivering it from a fresh and positive perspective. This perspective skyrockets self-confidence and increases the parent-child connection without being disingenuous and insensitive.

Meet Deanna –

From as early as she can remember, Deanna Hynes endured sexual abuse from her biological father. While Deanna found the courage to tell at 13 years old, her cries for help were ignored by her mother. To keep her family whole and avoid further humiliation, she stopped telling and buried her greatest shame.

Deanna coped with the chaos that was her home life through soccer. Leaning on teammates and their families, she was able to escape her reality and live vicariously through those positive relationships.

After 7 years of silence, Deanna disclosed to her boyfriend what she had experienced as a child. This began her journey of advocacy and education. By publicly sharing her story and educating children on personal body safety, Deanna found great strength in teaching children what she had never been taught. Through the Community Crisis Center of Elgin, Deanna has implemented Erin’s Law to over 75,000 people. She has reached communities with her personal testimony of surviving incest, her journey to heal, and how she maintained resiliency in life after trauma.

In November of 2018, Deanna’s father was convicted and sentenced to a total of 60 years for the abuse against her sister. In April of 2019 he accepted a 6-year plea agreement for the abuse against Deanna, ending a 4-year court process to seek justice.

While being a fierce advocate for victims and survivors, Deanna is also a mom, wife, new found daughter to her in-laws, and sometimes runner! She is ecstatic to join the Childhood Victories team and to empower more children to use their voice.  (Travels from Illinois)

Meet Malaysia –

As a child, Malaysia was abandoned and left to starve by her mother and suffered 8 years of sexual emotional, & physical abuse from her adopted parents. After gaining the courage to tell adults over 19 times, she was ignored until she started writing letters. She later became a social worker and helped over 100 children with abuse cases, advocacy, psycho-social rehabilitation, counseling and self-healing. She was featured on WISTV, NEWS19, and WACHFOX. She is the creator and CEO of Heal with Me, a company that shows survivors how to happily heal from trauma, so that they can love more and suffer less. She is also a YouTuber, and work with individuals and organizations that want to protect children from sexual abuse. Side note: Malaysia loves cookies!

Malaysia is available to present the Be Seen and Heard© program. (Travels from South Carolina)

Meet Darren –

A born teacher, Darren McDonald, grew up in a family of educators in the great state of Oregon. Teaching began at an early age where Darren would instruct his younger brothers in any subject they needed help. His love for teaching is only superseded by his love for his family. Married in June of 1989 to his wife, Susan of Morgan Hill, CA. They have 3 amazing children, one an accomplished vocalist, another an aspiring actor, and the third is endeavoring to be the first man on Mars. Darren has had the great fortune of returning to the Bay Area, the place his family started, where he presently is the principal of El Toro Health Science Academy of Morgan Hill, CA. When Darren is not at school, he can be found playing football, basketball, or baseball with his students. He loves the Oregon Ducks, Green Bay Packers, Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Athletics. Darren is honored to present the “Be Seen and Heard©” program with the founder, Victor Pacini.

Darren is available to present the Be Seen and Heard© program. (Travels from Northern California)

Meet Cynthia –

A once career focused college graduate turns to alcohol and drugs for fun on the weekends. Weekends turn into weekdays and then to everyday. At 31 years old, after a decade of alcoholic drinking, drug abuse, lost jobs, friends and almost her life – she finds herself at a 12 step meeting fighting to get sober and stay sober. Cynthia has been in recovery for over 15 years and has created an amazing life for herself. The mother of 2 daughters, she is the Head Coach of a gymnastics team and runs her own program.

Still attending meetings, working the steps and giving back, she’s bringing her experience, strength and hope to students to give them the knowledge of what to do if they too should find themselves in her shoes.

Inspirational and powerful… A story that every young adult should hear. Making the decision to choose recovery, leave the old life behind and really start living.
Cynthia is available to present on the topics of Resiliency, Overcoming Adversity, and Drug and Alcohol Prevention. (Travels from Illinois)

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Get Victor's e-book and learn how to appropriately and effectively implement "Erin's Law" for your students and staff!

Get Victor's e-book and learn how to appropriately and effectively implement "Erin's Law" for your students and staff!