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The Realities of Sexual Abuse


Utilizing Child Abuse Information and Facts

No one likes to talk about it. There’s a stigma that exists around sexual abuse and, to some extent, it is understandable why something as ugly as child abuse makes us uncomfortable, however, turning our backs on the reality that is sexual abuse is not acceptable. It’s important to look this epidemic in the face and do what we can to prevent it. Additionally, it’s important that we don’t shame the victims of sexual abuse, as this can be one of the harshest reasons for victims to not speak up about sexual abuse.

What Can We Do?

Educate ourselves. Did you know that one in every five girls and one in every 20 boys will be sexually assaulted by a trusting adult before they turn 18? As we said before, it’s uncomfortable to think about sexual abuse against children, however, ignoring it doesn’t mean it goes away. With child abuse awareness mandates like Erin’s Law, we can educate ourselves, as well as our children, on the realities of child abuse. With child abuse prevention efforts aimed at  helping to stop this abuse, we can begin to create a better life for all children, now and in the future.

Speak Up

The shame and embarrassment that surrounds sexual abuse is all too real. Whether you’re an adult that is aware of sexual abuse going on in someone’s home, or you’re a victim of sexual abuse, the most important thing you can do is tell someone and seek help. There is child abuse information and resources that can help you to bring this horrible reality to an end.
If you’re interested in raising child abuse awareness in your community, take a look at the child abuse prevention programs from Victor Innertainment today.