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The Signs From People I Love




The Signs From People I Love

Everyone has their own views of what happens after people pass away. I’ll be honest, I have no concrete belief on where people end up…but I do believe I experience the signs from people I love. Some of them are super common. Like a cardinal or bright bird, signifying that someone is watching over me. Or seeing a butterfly, dragonfly, or ladybug; Okay, can you tell I love the spiritual meanings behind animals?

On November 1st of 2018, my family experienced one: A penny.

Let’s back up. Back in 2012 I was getting ready to volunteer at a football game at N.I.U. As student-athletes we all pitched in at different events. This Saturday was no different. My teammate Ann had picked me up at my apartment. We stopped to get coffee and my phone rang. When Matt, my eventual husband, called me I didn’t expect him to sound so upset. His grandpa Bob, or “Boober” as I learned to call him, had passed away.

I went through the motions at the game. I just felt numb. This was the first time in my adult life that someone I loved had died. I had only seen Boober as “grandpa” for about two years; I ran away from my biological family back in 2010 and Matt’s family took me in. You have to understand…I had a lot of trouble being around nice men. That’s crazy, right? Why would anyone be afraid of a nice man?? I had to be suspicious of nice men in my childhood. Leaving at 18 didn’t magically flip a switch where I felt safe. My father had taught me that as nice as he was, as loving as he could be, he was still a monster. He showed me that men might be kind but you better keep your guard up.

Letting my guard down around my dad was always a mistake.

But Boober was one of the men, along with Norm, Casey, Chuck, and Bob, who changed my perception. These men completely disproved what I had been taught. That men in your family and in power will hurt you when you least expect it. They showed me love and kindness from the moment I dropped into their lives. I was devastated to find out he had passed. Boober was and is still so loved and…

He’s also the one who left that penny at the courthouse.

On that November day Matt, his mother (AKA my best friend), my sister, and myself parked in the back lot of the courthouse. We walked in together, not saying much. To say we were tense would be an understatement. It had taken over three and a half years to get to this point. We were ready to testify. My father was finally going to stand trial.

There was no line to go through the metal detectors so one by one we quickly filed in. In typical fashion, I set off the alarm. I realized it was the metal in my heels so it took me an extra minute to reach the rest of my family. Matt was putting his belt back on but stopped halfway through. He was staring at a bright penny on the table, next to a newspaper from that day.

He picked it up and turned to his mom, “This is Boober right? Julie says she finds pennies from Boober. This is him right?”

Julie, Matt’s aunt and one of Boober’s daughters, had told us about finding pennies from her dad before. Immediately I knew that Boober was there. I really don’t know how to explain it. It was like calm had washed over me and I could feel his presence. From somewhere in the universe he wanted to come to Woodstock, IL to wish us luck and remind us we were not alone. We not only had each other but Boober too. Walking to the State’s Attorney was like night and day compared to our walk from the parking lot. We were talking about the penny, we were smiling, and we were ready to speak the truth.


The Signs From People I Love


The Signs From People I Love

The signs from loved ones that have passed away tell us everything is going to be OK.

FULL TRANSCRIPT. (The following is the full transcript of this episode of The Be Seen and Heard Journey. Please note that this episode, like all BSH Journey episodes, features Victor speaking extemporaneously–he is unscripted and unedited.)

The Signs From People I Love

It’s Victor. Welcome to the Be Seen and Heard journey. Thanks so much for being with me today. I just want to say this. I hope you get a chance to read the blog by Deanna Hynes. It’s amazing. But to piggyback along with that blog from Deanna, I want to talk today about signs from people we love. And I’m talking specifically signs from people that have passed away.

Have you ever experienced those?

I know I have. Let me just tell you, they make me really happy. They make me smile because I feel that those people that we care so much about are still with us. You know, my mom was an amazing woman. She was a very quiet woman, but she was the glue that held the family together. In March of 1999, my mom suffered a massive heart attack out in Las Vegas. She was with my dad and it was a very devastating time in all of our lives.
I’ll never forget when my dad got off the airplane, he had told me, “Hey Vic. I’m just letting you know, mom sent you a card a couple of days ago. You’re going to be receiving it.” Sure enough in that mailbox was my first sign. Now, obviously she was alive when she sent it. But it said, “Even from Vegas, I miss you.” which I thought was pretty powerful.

But here’s where it gets really interesting.

I would have to say a couple of months after that, I went to the gym to workout and I got out of my car. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something and I looked down and there were a package of matches, which you don’t see too many of anymore. But there were matches for cigarettes on the ground. I reached down, picked them up and they were blue and I saw them. My mom used to smoke and I looked at the matches and on the matches was the pyramid of the Luxor hotel. It said Luxor Hotel. That’s where she was when she passed away.

So that was my first sign.

I grabbed those matches and I felt immediately that my mother was with me. Then after my mom passed away, a song came on the radio that I just connected to her at that moment. Still to this day, when I hear the song “In the arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLaughlin.
Well, I got really intrigued after my mom passed and I wanted to go out to Las Vegas and spend some time at that Luxor hotel. I had never been there. I was laying out by the pool and sure enough, that song came on the loudspeaker and immediately I knew my mother was with me. So all I want to say today is that even though death is very, very sad and I miss my mom every single day, but when I get those little signs from her, it just makes me know that she’s still with me and she will always be with me.
So with that being said, I want to just say, share this video with your family and friends, and let’s keep the spirit of our loved ones alive. Thank you so much. Have a great day. And remember every child, no matter how old they are, should be seen and heard. Thank you.

The Signs From People I Love